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Greetings one and all…..

Welcome to the first post of Cardinal Notes. The birth of this blog is a consequence of the life-changing events we are currently experiencing and witnessing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. At a time when we need each other the most, the medical experts advise that social distancing is one of the few options available to slow the spread of this disease. Hence, each and every one of us has a personal responsibility to self isolate to ensure the continued good health of all concerned.

Although I am a self-described “home body,” I sense a growing need and desire to process the happenings of Life with my friends and colleagues. I long to hug my friends and chat about my hopes and fears while sharing a steaming cup of coffee. It’s the simple yet profoundly sacred moments of togetherness that I miss the most while self isolating. So, how can we “come together” to support, to care, to nurture, to encourage, and to love one another when sequestered?

I have been pondering this question for several weeks. It is not merely a question of seeking support. It is also a question of how I can support my family, friends, colleagues, clients, and community. What do I have to contribute? How can I be of benefit on an ongoing basis?

As an educational consultant, my vocation for the past 15 years consisted of bringing people together to discuss the issues related to aging, caregiving, and the end of life. I enjoyed creating a space in which people gathered to talk about the blessings and the burdens of life – sharing stories, exploring possibilities, and recognizing we’re not alone. Sadly, those types of gatherings are not possible for the foreseeable future.

However, all is not lost! During my hiatus as a public speaker, I will leverage the available technology to create virtual spaces in which to gather, to share, and to commune with other people. Cardinal Notes – Miscellaneous Musings by Jane – is designed to assure that you are in good company as the journey of Life unfolds.

I don’t profess to have “the answers.” Rather, I will readily admit when I am confused, frightened, and frustrated by Life! In like fashion, I will gladly share any nuggets of hard-earned wisdom derived over my almost 63 years. And, I hope you will feel comfortable doing the same by commenting on the various blog posts. This is meant to be a respectful, community conversation where everyone feels comfortable being honest, vulnerable, and authentic. Come together. BE together. Because we ARE better together.

In the days and weeks to come, I look forward to the ongoing conversation with you and many others. If you find this blog beneficial, invite your family and friends to join the Cardinal Notes community. You can “follow” this blog to receive notification of all postings. Or, you can always access the blog via a link on my website page, www.Cardinalife.com.

In the meantime, take good care and BE WELL. May you find opportunities in the midst of your challenges. May you discover sustaining faith for the journey ahead. May you choose to transform this troubling time by sharing your light with the world. May it be so.

Blessings to you and yours…jane

  1. Love all of your words, Janie! All my years of knowing you, you remain such an inspiration! I start out…

  2. I start my day with prayer and a mass on TV with Bishop Barren. His homilies follow me through the…

  3. Plan to say the Lord’s Prayer daily and practice his lesson of forgiveness of others .

  4. This is such a great balance for the craziness out there. I have been planning to go to Trader Joe’s,…


  1. Hi Jane,
    As an appreciative audience member of many of your seminars, I want to thank you for once again lending a helping hand and heart. I know I certainly need the connection. I live alone with no family, no friends in the area and an underlying health condition that makes me more vulnerable to COVID-19. Obviously, I’m scared but am trying to keep myself as safe as I can. I do need to venture out to the grocery store, but am dismayed at the empty shelves. My heart and thankfulness go out to all the health care providers and first responders who always put other people’s lives ahead of their own. I can only hope they get the materials they need to keep them safe. Without them, we will be lost. Thank you for listening.


  2. This seems to be a great equalizer. Everyone is being touched by this virus, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. We will not be the same when this is over, which is good because our paths before this time seem now to be illusion. It is a time to open our eyes to the reality of being interdependent. The illusion of independence with no consequences for independent behavior is gone. My hope is that as we travel this path together that we will find new respect for everyone and new ways to honor, value and support the uniqueness in each person. It is that individual uniqueness that enlivens and enriches the interdependent community.


  3. Thanks, Jane for thinking of this and creating it! I am an involved person and love being with others. I have resisted the need to stay home but understand that it is not against me, but for me and others, to follow the necessary precautions to put this virus to rest. Meanwhile, I am resting and looking and expecting to see all the wonderful stories that come about as a result of this virus. Every event in my life has been judged one way or another but with time on my side, I have learned that what I judged “bad” was really not bad – sometime after the event. I learned and grew in each and every one. I now have a completely different view of them. They were all perfect and in Divine Order. I am taking that view of this also. I have my moments but am looking forward to a new view of what the real message is in what is occurring in our world now. Thanks for letting me share!


  4. Thanks, Jane, for staying connected with all those who have come to be part of your “fan club.” We all have different needs, and we’ll never know when something you or others say will touch our hearts at the right moment. I won’t reply to everything, but know that I’ll be watching and listening to the conversation. Blessings, and may God bring us all through this difficult time whole in mind, body, and spirit. (“ditto” from Estelle!)

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  5. Thanks, Jane, for the blog. I have been one of your many fans and loved your talks and hope they will be able to continue soon


  6. HI! Jane,
    Thank you for your beautiful words contained in the pale pink box. They are very meaningful. Blessings on your day!!


  7. I’m FINALLY signed in to receive Cardinal Notes. Hallelujah! I’m thrilled, Jane, that you’re doing this, but why should we be surprised — this is YOU! Helping us all stay connected in these difficult times. Many thanks and blessings to you, dear friend. Susie


  8. You always saw the writing on the wall before most. I grow weary of listening to the evening news and media and would much rather read your Cardinal Notes musings. Thank you for motivating your community.


  9. Togetherness is the best medicine. Last night our 9 house cul de sac got together in the middle of the street for Happy Hour to practice social distancing yet still communicate how each of us was passing the time, how we could help and support each other, and who could barter what with whom when someone ran out of something. It lifted our spirits and reminded us we are not alone in this and are better together, even when 6 feet apart.


  10. Jane you are absolutely right; we need contact with others. Even though sometimes having alone time is nice it’s not nice when it’s weeks at a time! I always appreciate your positive attitude and prayers in any situation but TRULY appreciate all your positive energy, prayers and thoughts during this very difficult time. You always make so, so many feel loved….
    Thank you for being a blessing to all of us.


  11. Thanks for doing this. It will be a good forum as we explore how to “Share the Care” when many of us need to stay at home.


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